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Hi, I'm Ryder. I build creative internet-connected projects.

Hi, I'm Ryder.

I'm a Creative Technologist and a Software Engineer who comes from a background in Biomedical Engineering, Science, and Aviation. I hang out at the intersection of technology and art.

I help companies with special projects to solve unique problems, and build creative experiences with technology, for example:

  • Making the lights on a city building flash when the team scores a point
  • Using a camera and artificial intelligence to count cars in a parking lot, to know how full it is
  • Building a cross-city morse code communicator with a lightbulb and a security camera

Let's build something big together

I work with brands and organizations to build creative shared experiences for the internet to interact with.

  • Brand Partnerships
  • Shared Creative Experiences
  • Creative uses of products and tech
Building "the internet of nonsense"


Here are a few of the latest big projects I've worked on. These are a mix of personal projects and professional brand partnerships.

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Stranger Things Lights

Letting the internet interact with me directly

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Wyze Cam Morse Code Receiver

Creating a morse-code send and receive device with a Wyze camera

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Brock Tower Lights Project

Designing a live architectural lighting control system for students of Brock University

Let's build something big together

I build creative marketing experiences and projects with technology.